Asshole Consulting is based on a very simple principle:

Consultants will lie to you in order to spare your feelings, and in the process bilk you for as many unnecessary hours as possible

Assholes will just tell you the cold, blunt, truth because, frankly, they don’t give a shit about you.

And 15 minutes of truth is infinitely more valuable than 40 hours of lies.

And that’s how Asshole Consulting works.

Thankfully, I’m an asshole.  I don’t care about your feelings.  I don’t care what you think about me.  And I make enough money doing other things I don’t need to worry about offending you or losing your business.  But that makes my advice not only better than most consultants’ and advisors’, but cheaper as well.

I bill out at $200 an hour, but I have yet to charge somebody over $200 because nobody’s problem has required that much work.  Usually it is a simple question requiring my expertise or experience.  Perhaps it is something as simple as having another person’s opinion.  Whatever it is, for $35, $50, or maybe $100 you can have that little tweak, adjustment or epiphany in life that explains everything and will likely save you thousands down the road.

So whether you have a financial question
You need advice on your career
You are having trouble with the ladies
Or anything else you think an older brother figure might be able to help in

Consider dropping (on average) $30 for an e-mail consult or $35 for a video consult on Asshole Consulting and see if a bit of direct, blunt truth doesn’t help.