Below are some genuine testimonials from previous clients. However, if you want to see the advice for yourself, visit the YouTube Channel of Asshole Consulting where nearly all of our consultations are made publicly available.

“I’m sure you get this a lot, but I’d like to thank you for all the years of misery and financial problems you have saved me in my future. Seriously, you have changed my life in ways others could not, and for that I am grateful. I wish there was more mentally stimulating people on this Earth like you. I have the best parents I could ask for and I still greatly benefited from your work, so its not just single parent kids with no dads or older brothers. When I’m a engineer or physician one day I’m going to drop 1000 in your donation box just for the fuck of it, because you were that big of an influence on my life – no joke. If I one day contributed a fraction of what you have to society I would be humbled.” – Matt

“Aaron, Thanks much man! I never really considered getting a taste before jumping in with both feet. Spot on advice, thanks so much!” – Zach

“Dear Mr. Clarey, My apologies for disturbing you, but I want to take the time to thank you for the wonderful advice you have given me. Not only have you pointed me in a great direction toward getting out of the mess I am in, but I have piece of mind and even less fear than when I e-mailed you for the consulting to begin with.” – Chris

“I just want to email a quick thank you for all the videos you put up on your youtube channel. Honestly, I’ve been watching more and more of them, and they’ve really been helping me stand up for *myself* to people in my life, especially women and getting shit on in my workplace. You’re making a difference out there to some of us without those *really* masculine figures helping our lives, Aaron, and we really appreciate it.” – Brandon

“Aaron provided me with a very clear and custom roadmap in the hour that we spent together. It was money well spent and it was great to finally work with someone that wasn’t a scammer. Aaron is the real deal and I will be back whenever I need more asshole consulting. ” – Kevin

“Thanks again for writing your books and giving us college-educated lackies solid career advice.” – Chris

“Mr. Clarey,

I honestly can’t thank you enough for guiding me to the right path and making me less naive. Even my own dad, who lived dirt poor and couldn’t get no more than a GED, is thankful that you’ve been like a financial/higher education father to me. Today was my first day of college and I was stuck in my environmental science class being the youngest person surrounded by people twice my age mostly majoring in humanities. So thanks for making them feel like crap when I said cyber security lol.

I actually don’t have any questions yet since I’m reading and preaching your books as well as watching your videos, so this is more of just a thank you letter and if you ever happen to have some questions about like video editing or photos,I have a self-taught bachelors in Film and photography, so let me know!

Best regards, ” Leo

“Thank You, you have saved me thousands of dollars and given me a new path to walk. You are the wise man pointing the way. Pat yourself on the back with your first two fingers.” – S.O.

“Aaron clarey thank you for the advice you give out you are like the big brother I wanted to have but I don’t have brothers.” Mario