ASSHOLE CONSULTING IS CURRENTLY IN “SORE THROAT PRICING” MODE.  I’m losing my voice so all video responses are A MINIMUM OF $50 until my voice recovers.

I respond to ALL e-mails. If I don’t it is because the form below is either on the fritz or your/my e-mail may be in the SPAM folder, SO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!  If I do NOT get back to you within 5 days, contact me using my alternative e-mail which is located below the form.

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    Please read this form carefully. This form constitutes a legal release, assumption of risk, waiver and covenant not to sue agreement. It is a limitation on your legal rights as a consumer of Asshole Consulting services. This form must be completed and signed prior to any consulting services will be provided.

    In consideration for services provided by Asshole Consulting, including its members, employees, officers and/or agents (“Asshole”), the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, I, “The Client” fully understand and agrees as follows:

    1. THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY ASSHOLE DO NOT REPLACE THE ADVICE FROM A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL The services provided by Asshole do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Asshole is not, and does not hold itself out to be, a professional service provider nor can any opinion rendered take the place of professional advice.
    2. WAIVER AND GENERAL RELEASE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE, FULLY RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE (i) I fully release and discharge Asshole from and against any and all causes of action, claims, or liabilities of any kind or character, whether known or unknown, in connection with, arising out of, or in any way related to my use of Asshole’s services in longevity or otherwise, which hereinafter may accrue against it and which in any way arise as a result of my participation in consulting services, regardless of whether based on fault or negligence of Asshole; (ii) agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Asshole harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, or expenses (including attorneys' fees and other costs of defense) which may arise in connection with my use of Asshole’s services; and (iii) agree to hold harmless Asshole and each of its respective direct and indirect subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and related entities;
    3. DISCLAIMER OF GUARANTEE Nothing in this waiver and nothing in the services provided shall be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of any matter for which I have retained Asshole Consulting. Asshole Consulting makes no such guarantees. Any comments about the outcome of the matter and any advice given is an expression of opinion only.


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