Hello, I’m Aaron Clarey and I’m an asshole.aaron clarey asshole

Let me be short and succinct.

I dealt with enough incompetent corporate banking douchebags and their criminal clientele to know bullshit when I see it.  And my experience in dealing with frauds and idiots isn’t relegated to just the business world.  Batshit insane women, dealing with mortgage companies and the problems of homeownership, soulless universities, HR ditzes, the list is endless.  Unless you are significantly older or were particularly adventuresome in your life, I likely have more experience in life than you do.  And don’t think this is bragging.  I’ve likely made infinitely worse mistakes than you have.  Regardless, the point is you can benefit from my background and experiences, either where I succeeded or spectacularly failed.

The only thing is…I’m an asshole.

Life has not been easy.  Matter of fact it’s been hell.  I won’t bore you with the details, but in short, I’m burnt out.  I’m all out of patience.  I’m done.  I no longer have the capacity to sit there with that soulless suit smile on my face, listening to middle age morons blather, and mindlessly nod my head.  Ergo, when I see the solution to a problem or a way to capitalize on an opportunity I’m not going to sit there silently, waiting for the appropriate moment to bring it to the attention of my boss.  I’m going to come outright and say it,

“HEY!  DUMBASS!!!!  The reason for your high employee turnover is because you don’t train them for shit.”
“HEY!  FATASS!!!  The reason girls won’t go out with you is because you’re fat.  Lose the fucking weight!”
“HEY!  DIPSHIT!!!!  What the hell is wrong with you letting your kid major in some worthless degree AND YOU PAY FOR IT???”

There’s too damn many stupid people in this world, and acting like they’re all geniuses in the hopes of contracting future business is not my cup of tea.  I call it like I see it and it would be wise counsel to listen to me.