1-on-1 Consultation

If your problem is particularly involved or you think you would be better served having a conversation about it I also do one-on-one consultations via the internet or phone.  However, I do charge $300 per hour with a $300 minimum because my time is incredibly fucking valuable and I do not have time to be your emotional tampon.  We solve problems at Asshole Consulting, not play “The Woe-Is-Me-Pattycake Game” like therapists do.  ALSO since we SOLVE PROBLEMS at Asshole Consulting, that means if I solve your problem or address your concerns in 15 minutes we DO NOT stay on the phone for another 45 wasting each others time.  Your problem is solved and you go.

If you’re serious about your question/problem and believe talking about it would be best, please contact me to arrange a Skype session or a phone call.