Life Improvement Plan

Admit it, your life sucks and you suck. And you hate being you!

You can keep being a whiny bitch, doing the same thing you’re doing now, with the exact same lack of results, guaranteeing you’ll waste the rest of your life as the sad sack of shit you are today.


The Asshole Consulting Life Improvement Plan basically forces you to improve yourself by giving me $10,000 of your money, of which you can EARN BACK $5,000 of those dollars if you meet benchmarks and goals of self-improvement. In other words you’re betting on yourself and providing yourself a HUGE (if not, necessary) financial incentive to get your life in shape, and if you do, I return up to $5,000 of your money. The MOST you can pay is $10,000 while the LEAST you WILL PAY is $5,000.

For example:

Say you are…

  1. Fat
  2. Fear social situations
  3. Unemployed
  4. Aren’t in school
  5. And don’t have your driver’s license

You would fork over $10,000 to me and upon proving you met each of a predetermined set of goals/benchmarks, I would reimburse you $1,000 for each of the following met goals.

  1. You show yourself weighing in at 30 pounds lighter than you were before
  2. You provide video of you at a ballroom dance class AND demonstrating some moves to show you were in consistent attendance
  3. You show a pay stub with current date mark on it proving employment
  4. Show proof of college registration, attendance, AND COMPLETION OF CLASS (college transcripts)
  5. Proof you’ve obtained a driver’s license

So if you lose 30 pounds, pass a semester of classes, find a job, but don’t take dance classes or get your driver’s license you will be reimbursed $3,000, for a total price of $7,000.



Is it worth $5,000?

Is it worth $10,000?

How serious are you about changing your life?

Because the truth is if you don’t start making some concrete changes in your life, it’s going to continue to suck like it always has. And THAT is a guarantee you’ll waste whatever life you have left on this planet.

If you’re interested AND SERIOUS about the Asshole Consulting Life Improvement Plan…

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